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Smoke Detector 요약정보 및 구매

Free from illegal smoking using smoke detector in a smoke-free zone

+ Indoor environmental monitoring
+ Mobile interlocking technology
+ Disaster protection
+ Facility safety management
+ Senior/Health care technology

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Application Functions and Benefits
Indoor environmental monitoring - Monitoring of indoor air quality and analysis of the building
- Condition monitoring and remote control of the smoking situation
Mobile interlocking technology - Combined service USN technology and mobile devices
- Real time live environment/ information collection and monitoring
Disaster protection - Various fire/disaster information detection and prevention/ alarm
Facility safety management - Sensor monitoring system - building monitoring system
Senior/Health care technology - Motion detection and detection seniors out, anomaly detection algorithm
Physical Characteristic
Detection gas CO
Measurement Electrical chemical
Range 0 - 100 PPM
Output 0.015±0.005μA/ppm
Detection method Gas detection
Detection time In 40secs (1.5M * 1.5M)
Wireless propagation distance 100M @open space
Voice guidance 80dB ( within 1M )
Power Battery: 3V 2600mAh 2EA (Lithium)
Adapter: 220VAC DC5V/0.5V
Temperature -20~50°C
Humidity 15~9%RH
pressure Atmospheric ±10%
Shape Atmospheric ±10%
weight 105g

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